I was a part of the digital team of illustrators for Beanie Babies 2.0 and TyGirlz websites. The actual plush Ty toys would have a secret code which when entered in their account would appear in their virtual room or closet. I illustrated products and fashion assets for the TyGirlz virtual world. 

TyGirlz avatars

The doll’s avatar was basically a virtual paper doll with three poses that could be dressed either with doll clothes purchased with a code or bought virtually in the TyGirlz shops with game credits. I would be given the new product and would illustate it in the three poses. The virtual clothes I would create myself using trend research. 

International Revamp

We were very excited to give the TyGirlz World a makeover. We flushed out the cafes in each international city to have foods from that region. The virtual fashion boutiques reflected each city as well. We updated the rooms’ interiors and decor to reflect international themed motifs. I worked on the fashions and avatars.This was an amazing project with a fantastic team.

The Rabbit Hole

Since the TyGirlz site has been pulled offline and theres limited reference, here is a customer review of our site. Its fun for nostalgia but warning he goes on foreveeeer… (so you can just watch the beginning) to get a feel of the site. I worked on the 3rd wave. His consiracy theories are hilariously off from an inside perspective. What did we do to this generation??